You might be getting a bit tired of everything corona-related (I know I sure am from time to time), but I still wanted to share some of the corona related things I made recently. The pandemic has been hard to ignore and the work that I did in the first couple of months after the outbreak was heavily influenced by it.

When the pandemic had just hit The Netherlands, I started making face masks for care facilities. While I was working on the masks, I came up with the idea of making corona postcards. As some of you might know I also make postcards every now and then, most notably my yearly set of kitty Christmas cards.

I made a set of corona cards to help myself and other people share my frustration with the virus and everything that comes along with it. It was also a way for me to earn back some of the money I spent on materials for the face masks I was making, and get something in return for the time spent making them.

The demand for face masks for care facilities has dried up a bit, but I still have quite a few corona cards. They’re ready for you to spread the joy of corona frustration! And they’re still a great way to support me during these times. Sadly, Etsy doesn’t share my sense of humor, so the cards were deleted from my Etsy shop.
If you want a set of cards, all you have to do is send me an email and share your wishes. A set of 4 is €7,50 incl. shipping to The Netherlands and €10 incl. shipping to the rest of the world (payment via Tikkie of Paypal request). You can mix and match as you please and any other number of cards is also possible of course. The cards will be sent to you in a non-licked envelope.