So this is an update I totally failed to post on my website in time.. There was an exhibition of my work at KEEK Utrecht from October 3rd until November 14th. KEEK is an organic lunchroom where you can go for nice coffee, tea, cakes and sandwiches. The name stands for “Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie” which means art and fair coffee. They change their exhibition every six weeks and from October to November it was my turn!


When I applied to show my work, I suggested it might be nice to add some of my plant hangers and my macramé and embroidered poufs to their interior. They liked the idea so KEEK looked very “Annienke” for a couple of weeks.


About a week into the exhibition I saw that I was tagged in an instagram post by someone who had visited KEEK. I thought “yay”, looked up the post and this is what it said:


I laughed so hard when I read it.. I’ve never had a bad experience at KEEK myself, but I guess you shouldn’t go there if you’re in a hurry. Then again, it’s never a good idea to drink your coffee or eat your cake in a hurry.

By the way, people who subscribed to my newsletter did get this update in time to go visit. So hurry up and subscribe at the bottom of this post, so next time my work is shown somewhere you’ll be notified in time! And of course I will do my best to be more up to date with these posts on my website..