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‘Hair! Human hair in fashion and art’ is an exhibition at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht about, you guessed it, human hair. The exhibition runs from 20 February until 29 May 2016 and my hairy earrings are available at the museum shop during that time. Prices are €30 a pair or €15 for a single earring.

I started making hairy earrings from my own hair when I cut off a big chunk of it. Friends were so enthusiastic about them that I started making more from human hair weaves. I like working with human hair as a material because it triggers a lot of reactions, varying from enthusiasm to disgust. Most people love hair when it’s attached to someone’s head, but find it kind of disgusting from the moment it’s cut off. We love wearing wool, but would we love wearing a garment made of human hair?

The exhibition shows different usages of hair in art and fashion, from mourning jewelry to illustrations made with hair. If you’re in Utrecht between now and 29 May, go visit the exhibition!

Find more info on the website of the Centraal Museum.
For a sneak preview of the exhibition visit their pinterest page.

Zhu Tian 'Babe' 2013 Rubber, human hair, pigment

Zhu Tian ‘Babe’ 2013 Rubber, human hair, pigment