HKU Expostore 2016

I’m a little late with mentioning this, but I’m selling some of my stuff at the HKU Expostore in Utrecht until Sunday the 19th of June. The exposition shows the graduation work by design students at the Utrecht School of the Arts. There’s also a shop that sells products by current and former design students and some of my work will be sold there too.
For more information about the exposition, location and opening hours go to the facebook event (Dutch).

An overview of my products that can be found there:

cat basket | Annienke

cat basket | €45
(the right one in the pictures with two)

half a mouse cat toys | Annienke

half a mouse cat toys
€10 each

yarn wall hanging with wooden picture frames | Annienke

wall hanging | €120

hairy earrings | Annienke

hairy earrings
€25 a pair
€15 for a single earring

wishbox necklaces | matchbox with leather or suede cover | Annienke

wishbox necklaces | €10
different color and content options