<<< The place where I used to share a studio had a give-away-store (literal translation from the Dutch word ‘weggeefwinkel’) where you could put things you didn’t want or need anymore, but might still be useful for someone else.
That’s where I found a spinning wheel. It was wobbly and old, but I really liked the turned wood. I disassembled it and used the parts for macramé wallhangings. I still have the wheel and some other parts to make something with.

>>> Other things I found in the give-away-store were bags with pieces of leftover leather which I use for my half-a-mouse cat toys and a two leather jackets which I turned into shoulder bags.
<<< Another one of my repurposing projects is making cat baskets out of basketball hoops. As is turns out, cats really do like sitting in circle shaped things.
All the cat stuff I make can be found here.

>>> I also made necklaces out of matchboxes. They have leather or suède covers and can be used to collect tiny treasures.
For more of my wishbox necklaces click here.

When I cut off a big chunk of my hair I hád to do something with it. I decided to make hairy earrings.
I also made some out of human hair weaves, for pictures go here.
<<< I got this old weaving loom through a friend of my sister's. I was hoping I could put the pieces together and get it to function, but sadly some parts were broken and (at least for me) irreparable.
I decided to use the parts to make wall hangings. These are the two I have made so far and I still have some pieces left.

>>> This cardigan is made out of second hand sweaters, sewn together by hand. I made it for De Kledingbibliotheek, the first clothing library in The Netherlands. It was much like a regular library, you could become a member and loan an outfit for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately De Kledingbibliotheek doesn't exist anymore, but there’s still a clothing library in Amsterdam called Lena Fashion Library. You can visit their website here.
View more of the garments I made for the fashion library here.
<<< I found this chair in the attic of the house where I used to live when I was a student. The fabric was all worn and mouse droppings fell out when you sat on in. I cleaned and reupholstered it and now it’s got a second life in my home.

>>> The couch is from the same house, it came with the room when I moved in. It was in good condition, but the fabric was really ugly and outdated. At first I just covered it with some cloth to hide its ugliness, but a couple of years later I decided to reupholster it. A classmate was giving away loads of fabric and I took all the corduroy fabric she had. It was my first attempt at upholstery. I used regular nails to put everything into place and sewed some parts together by hand to get the right shape.

The ottoman in the next picture had a leather cover that kept ripping. I kept sewing it back together, but eventually I knotted a new cover out of leftover pieces of fabric.