I was born on 25 February 1987.

I was a fat baby. And a crybaby.

I have a mild case of OCD. I really like to line up stuff next to each other.

I can do a tongue trick that’s apparently called “the swing”. You can see what it is here.

I have a belly button ring. Fifteen-year-old me thought that was a good idea. Can’t get rid of it though, because now my belly button looks weird without it.

I have six piercings in each ear, which I fill with hairy earrings and earrings from BonBon Boutique.

I don’t have any tattoos, but would like some black, geometrical, bobbin lace making inspired ones.

I have one missing canine tooth, it never showed up.

I have never broken a bone and never go skiing to keep it that way.

I don’t like chocolate milk, chocolate mousse or chocolate ice cream.

I like my tea without sugar. Except for Earl Grey, Earl Grey needs sugar.

I like matchboxes. That’s what you get with a pipe-smoking dad.

I’m so much of a cat person that I have a cat-route to the supermarket. Sometimes I’ll get off my bike to pet a cat if I see one on the sidewalk.

I have two cats named Sjekkie and Roe (pronounced as Shackie and Roo).

I have a (big) baby boy named Ype with my boyfriend Luc.

I took ballet classes for a year when I was little, but stopped after a traumatic performing experience. I got lost in the theatre after our flipper act. I walked around crying, dressed as a dolphin.
On the way home from this traumatic experience I was told our pet rabbit had died.

I’m an expert at cat-squeezing. Sjekkie fell off our balcony and has permanent nerve damage ever since . She can’t pee by herself anymore, so I have hold her over the litter box and squeeze her belly twice a day.

I also took folk-dance lessons for a couple of years.

I play the piano, but prefer doing so when no one is listening.

I have a Celine Dion album and know the lyrics to most songs. I bought it when I was ten, despite my older sisters telling me not to.

I have a (not so) secret interest in psychology and philosophy. I probably would have studied one of those, had I not chosen art school.

I’m slowly becoming a plant lady. That’s because I own a lot of plants that don’t die when you forget to water them once or twice. I can only handle indoor plants, outdoor plants die from either too much or too little water.

I love cooking when I have the time and peace of mind. I really like cooking vegetarian Middle Eastern or Indian food.

I sometimes make a bit of cookie dough to eat right away. What else should you do when there are no cookies or chocolate available?

I hardly know how to knit, even though my mother taught me the basics twice. I do know the basics of bobbin lace making quite well.

I don’t have a driver’s license.

I watch Grey’s Anatomy. Still.

I got my basic HTML skills from making a personal CU2 page, a crappy Dutch facebook predecessor with lots of lists, colors and scroll bars. Now CU2 is a crappy dating site.

I was really good at writing pointless blogs when I was a teenager. I did polls on which colour I should paint my bike.

I’m not really good at blogging anymore even though I actually have things to say now. I try though.