· WHO I AM ·

My name is Annienke and I’m a designer and fiber artist based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I completed my bachelor in Fashion Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts (proof can be found here), but now focus on textiles in fine art and product design, because of my love-hate relationship with the fashion industry.

I’m a lover of traditional crafts, cats, black coffee, thrift stores and silly things. I get inspired by finding the extraordinary in ordinary objects and everyday situations. I am a perfectionist, but I see beauty in imperfection and I do my best to embrace the imperfections in my own work.


By experimenting with traditional crafting techniques, like macramé or embroidery, I find my own way of using them in a different, more modern manner. I use this in my art, interior products and accessories, which I make by hand except for some machine sewing here and there. The slowness of the process of making something by hand is meditative. Designs grow organically and I think this shows in the final product.

I want to keep learning new (old) techniques and exploring different materials. Aside from designing an making my own products I’m also interested in doing commissioned work or collaborations, as long as it’s in line with what I do. Feel free to contact me to find out what I can do for you!


Through my work I share my love for handmade unique products, by offering an alternative for mass-produced products. I hope to spread appreciation for slow design, attention to detail and one of a kind products that actually tell a story or have character to them. Not produced for quick profit, but made with love and attention.

I often repurpose objects or materials, because I see beauty in their imperfections. Not being perfect often means being one of a kind. If an object is no longer useable for its original purpose (or even if it is) I’ll find a new purpose for it, whether it’s functional or decorative. To see and read more about how I repurpose found objects click here.



I was born on 25 February 1987.

I was a fat baby. And a crybaby.

I have a mild case of OCD. I really like to line up stuff next to each other.

I can do what this girl does between 0:45 and 0:55.

I have a belly button ring. Fifteen-year-old me thought that was a good idea. Can’t get rid of it though, ‘cause now my belly button looks weird without it.

I have six piercings in each ear, which I fill with hairy earrings and earrings from BonBon Boutique.

I don’t have any tattoos, but would like some black, geometrical, bobbin lace making inspired ones.

I have one missing canine tooth, it never showed up.

I have never broken a bone and never go skiing to keep it that way.

I don’t like chocolate milk, chocolate mousse or chocolate ice cream.

I like my tea without sugar. Except for Earl Grey, Earl Grey needs sugar.

I like matchboxes. That’s what you get with a pipe-smoking dad.
I’m so much of a cat person that I have a cat-route to the supermarket. Sometimes I’ll get off my bike to pet a cat if I see one on the sidewalk.

I have two cats named Sjekkie and Roe (pronounced as Shackie and Roo).

I’m an expert at cat-squeezing. Sjekkie fell off our balcony and has permanent nerve damage ever since . She can’t pee by herself anymore, so I have hold her over the litter box and squeeze her belly twice a day.

I took ballet classes for a year when I was little, but stopped after a traumatic performing experience. I got lost in the theatre after our flipper act. I walked around crying, dressed as a dolphin.
On the way home from this traumatic experience I was told our pet rabbit had died.

I also took folk-dance lessons for a couple of years.

I play the piano, but prefer doing so when no one is listening.

I watch Grey’s Anatomy. Still.

I have a Celine Dion album and know the lyrics to most songs. I bought it when I was ten, despite my older sisters telling me not to.
I have a (not so) secret interest in psychology and philosophy. I probably would have studied one of those, had I not chosen art school.

I’m also turning into a plant lady. That’s because I own a lot of plants that don’t die when you forget to water them once.

I love cooking when I have the time and peace of mind. I really like cooking vegetarian Middle Eastern or Indian food.

I hardly know how to knit, even though my mother taught me the basics twice. I do know the basics of bobbin lace making quite well.

I don’t have a driver’s license.

I got my basic HTML skills from making a personal CU2 page, a crappy Dutch facebook predecessor with lots of lists, colors and scroll bars. Now CU2 is a crappy dating site.

I was really good at writing pointless blogs when I was a teenager. I did polls on which colour I should paint my bike.

I’m not really good at blogging anymore even though I actually have things to say now. I try though.

Pictures to prove some of the things listed above can be found here.